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Where can a passion for fashion lead? It has led Parris Harris down the runway and up the steps of the royal house of fashion and now to Yonduur. And here at Yonduur he lived happily ever after…

Mr. Harris embodies a love for the entire fashion process. That includes everything from putting together fabulous fashion shows to styling music videos and films.

Whether it’s working for 2 days without sleep and little to no food, you are probably guaranteed to find Parris rockin’ along with a smile on his face laughing. Even if its 4am and he is searching through a shag carpet for the needle that so he can sew something that is needed at 8am.

This passion leads Parris to create A PASSION PHASHION production. This passion flows thru the body of Parris Harris and spills out and over everyone involved in the production or who comes in contact with it! This Fashionista has coordinated countless shows in Los Angeles, SF, Orange County, Vegas, San Diego as well on the East Coast and is always involved in shows in Los Angeles, Orange County and SF.

Mr. Harris draws upon his own many years of experience in the modeling industry, acting, designing, casting and scouting to put on FABULOUS Shows and he is using this experience now to serve as Head Stylist right here at Yonduur.

Deanna has spent well over 20 years in all aspects of the fashion industry. She is the founder of women’s contemporary resort brand Hodges Collection and home goods line Hodges at Home. She has dressed many celebrities over the years and her creations have been sold in over 800 stores internationally.

Southern girl and designer Deanna Hodges serves as the President of Macada Design Group which includes the Hodges Collection and Etoix labels. She is the founder of Orange County Fashion Showcase, Orange County Fashion Trade Association, The Global Fashion Network as well as the Fashion Insiders Group.

Ms. Hodges works tirelessly to promote fashion and philanthropy in Southern California as well as encourage a return to manufacturing in the US. All items in the Macada Design Group family are manufactured in Los Angeles and Orange County. She resides in Huntington Beach, CA.

Deanna Hodges is also the Fashion Expert for the Nationally Syndicated Program titled “The Dorinda Clark Cole Radio Show“. She provides fashion tips and updates to over 450,000 listeners each month.

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